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Our filters are used for numerous applications in the petrochemistry industry:

– oil filtration

– gas filtration (oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, etc.)

– water filtration

– solvent filtration

At every level of the filtration circuit we can manufacture your customised filter parts and all materials depending on the filter environment: monel filter, stainless steel filter, steel filter, cupronickel filter, etc.

Filtration threshold: 20 μm to 20 mm

Materials used: perforated sheet and wire cloth

Products concerned and applications:

  • Filter cartridges, folded cartridges: fuel filtration, gas filtration, food powder filtration (milk powders, flours, sugars, etc.)
  • Conical filters: prefiltration and filtration for gas or liquid pipes
  • Filters for Y-filters, filters for T-filters for filtration tanks
  • Filter components for pump protection filters,
  • Filter baskets, truncated filter baskets for water, oil or solvent filtration assembly.

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